Make Your Bedroom Look and Feel More Romantic on a Budget with These 3 Tips

Best Blog December 21, 2022

In addition to being a place for rest and relaxation, your bedroom should also nurture the romance in your life. It should feel intimate and cozy when you live with a partner; if you live alone, though, a more romantic look can make it feel more inviting.

When you’re on a tight budget, though, redecorating any room can seem like a luxury. Fortunately, you can remake the entire aesthetic of your bedroom without making any major investments. If you focus on a few small yet impactful touches, you can have the romantic bedroom that you’ve always dreamed of without spending too much. Here are a few tips on how you can do just that:

Splurge on the bed
There are few things more inviting than having a big bed in your bedroom. Leaning into French-style furnishings with a canopy bed or a piece that has a large headboard can instantly give your bedroom that dreamy and romantic vibe.

Eloquence’s extensive catalog of antique replica bedroom furniture includes show-stopping beds that are inspired by real European antiques. They stock different styles that are available in a wide variety of finishes that give off that old-world look. Since these are replicas, they are much less expensive, but just as beautiful, as the real deal.

The Eloquence® Dauphine Canopy Bed in White Linen and Weathered White Finish is a veritable statement piece. It’s a Louis XVI style canopy bed that features delicate hand carvings on both the headboard and footboard and features a weathered white finish that demonstrates that distinctly French trait of sentimentality.

Add romantic accent furniture
Designating certain areas of the bedroom as cozy nooks for reading or relaxing also help give it a romantic feel. Here, again, you can furnish with antique replica bedroom furniture pieces to get closer to the look without spending an arm and a leg.

A Bergere chair can be an especially charming addition to a bedroom. Placed next to a window, it’s great for reading or simply lounging around. The La Belle Bergere from Eloquence in White Linen and Silver Two-Tone Finish looks like it’s been plucked right out of your favorite romance novel and feels like you’re sitting on a cloud. The piece is made out of solid acacia wood, and like the Dauphine canopy bed, features exquisite floral hand carvings along the back and arm rests, as well as the base.

Invest in good bedding
If you don’t yet have the funds to change your bed entirely, you can still add plenty of romance to your bedroom just by replacing your existing bedding and linens.

To make your bed look more inviting, consider overstuffing your pillows and comforter. An easy designer’s trick to achieving this is buying pillows that are slightly larger than their corresponding pillow cases. The same can be done for your duvet; simply stuff the duvet cover with a duvet that’s a few inches larger than its size. Doing so will give them a plumper, fuller look.

For more romantic bedroom design inspiration, visit Eloquence today.