Get Your Porch Summer-Ready With These 4 Upgrades

Best Blog December 21, 2022

If you’re lucky enough to have a porch, there’s really no good reason to overlook it. It feels like a long way away, but summer will be here before you know it; adding a few upgrades to the space can add a significant amount of livable space to your home that you can then use to enjoy the outdoors during those hot and languid days. Read on below for a few ideas to help you get started:

Add a porch swing bed
You may have heard of the run-of-the-mill porch swing, but how about a porch swing bed? Four Oak Bed Swings offers porch swing beds for sale in a variety of styles that offer both seating and lounging on a hot day. They’re great for taking naps under the shade, allowing you to enjoy the cooling outdoor breeze when the conditions indoors grow unbearable.

The Westhaven is Four Oak Bed Swings’ most popular option among their porch swing beds for sale. Available in crib, twin, or full sizes, it can be painted in a solid color or stained, or you can choose to have it done in a charming weathered finish that perfectly matches its nautical style. Being made out of solid kiln-dried pine, this porch swing bed is built to last, offering hours of relaxation. It’s a wonderful place to unwind by yourself, and a statement piece that’s sure to start conversations when you have guests over. You’ll love it–and so will they!

Hang up curtains
Curtains are an easy way to add a touch of privacy to your porch and turn it into a room of sorts on its own. They can also help minimize and soften the amount of sunlight coming in, providing a bit of extra shade and much-needed cooling. Furthermore, curtains can mask certain elements of your porch that you’d rather not see, like your railings for example.

For a porch, light and gauzy curtains are best, so steer clear of rich and heavy draperies. They can be hung up easily with curtain rods that you can get at just about any hardware store.

Install misters
On those hot, humid, and breezeless days, you’ll definitely crave something to cool you off. Sometimes, plugging a portable fan in isn’t enough–it’ll only be circulating warm air, after all. A misting system can be an excellent solution to this problem.

These systems, also called “misters”, can be connected to a garden hose and deliver a fine mist of water that will blanket your porch periodically. It can be quite the life-changing water feature, helping reduce oppressive summer temperatures by up to 30 degrees. They come in a variety of designs, including freestanding, wrapping, and overhead systems. They’ll definitely help keep you chill all season long.

Bring your favorite tunes out
Summer is the perfect time for parties–and no great party is complete without music. Instead of bringing that tinny Bluetooth speaker out every time you have friends and family over, why not invest in an excellent outdoor sound system? You’ll get higher quality audio, and won’t have to carry a portable speaker in and out of the house when you want some tunes.

When shopping for outdoor speakers, look for options that are weatherproof and can be easily mounted. They’ll be able to withstand harsh conditions and won’t be too much of a hardship to install.

For more incredible additions to your porch or patio, check out the swing beds on Four Oak Bed Swings today. In addition to their swing bed offerings, they also stock useful accessories (wine glass holder, anyone?) that can further enhance your enjoyment of your upgraded porch.

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