How Elegance & Culture Collide in By Fabrizio Design’s Heart Choker Necklace

Best Blog December 21, 2022

Initially, one would think that chokers only saw popularity in the 90s and early 2000s. The truth is, however, that these close-fitting necklaces have a long-standing history in fashion dating all the way back to the Sumerians in 2500 BC.

More recently, however, they gained popularity in the 1920s, when Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom wore one to hide a small scar on her neck. Though their popularity has had its ebbs and flows throughout the years, they continue to remain a common women’s accessory. In fact, a glimpse at the runways recently reveals that chokers are hitting a stride once more in terms of their popularity.

Through that, jewelry designer, Fabrizio Sassano has managed to revitalize and reinvigorate chokers with a different kind of elegance and regality.

Who Chokers Are Most Suited For
Though they’ve long been a fashion staple, chokes don’t seem to suit just anyone. Generally, chokers are a great way to emphasize one’s neck. Those with long, slender necks are able to carry wearing chokers better than others. Choosing the right choker that isn’t too wide or thick is important. After all, you want a choker to magnify and enhance your look, not deter it.

The standard choker measures between 14 to 16 inches in length and 4 to 76 mm in width. For those with shorter necks, thinner, slimmer chokers might be more suitable and flattering to wear. They’re also paired well with strapless, v-neck, or off-shoulder tops and necklines.

Introducing the Entorchado Technique
One thing that has set Fabrizio Sassano apart from other jewelry designers is his decision to connect his work with his culture. He does this through the introduction of the Entorchado Technique in his jewelry.

The technique itself is similar to braiding, where the designer meticulously and expertly uses a twisting technique on metallic wires to create a stronger braid that holds and connects gemstones, semi-precious stones and crystals together. This 14k gold vermeil Venecia Choke Necklace in amethyst, freshwater pearls, and a zirconia encrusted gray Nazar charm, for example, is the perfect example of how Fabrizio has merged and molded his culture and inheritance with his craft.

The Entorchado Technique itself has been a part of the indigenous Mesoamerican culture since before the Spanish conquest. And with the earliest chokers dating all the way back to the Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia, the use of the Entorchado Technique on chokers seems incredibly poetic.

Handcrafted Chokers in an Italo-Venezuelan Style
What sets Fabrizio Sassano’s work apart is exactly how his work embodies both his religious and cultural heritage. Everything by Sassano is handcrafted and resonant. From the colors down to his choice of gemstones and crystals, one cannot mistake just how much of Sassano’s history and background is steeped into each piece.

The designs for chokers are many and varied, with Queen Alexandra herself wearing a choker that looked like a string of pearls wrapped around his neck. Many other chokers have been made from silk and have incorporated diamonds and gold, with little pendants, nameplates, and charms attached.

Sassano takes this trend and makes it his own. His Palermo Choker Necklaces, for example, come with an Eye Fang Charm. While this Venecia Choker Necklace comes with a white zirconia encrusted cross charm to emphasize the influence of his religion. Additionally, this Lungomare Heart Choker Necklace captures that fun and youthful spirit.

Elegance Seized and Captured
If there’s one thing that’s for sure when it comes to Fabrizio Designs, it’s that Sassano’s craftsmanship shines throughout each exquisite piece. From his heart choker necklaces to his Entorchado bracelets, necklaces, and rosaries, Sassano’s vision and mastery is lovingly shown in every handcrafted piece of jewelry he creates.

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