Why Land Surveyors Are Important in the Pre-Construction Phase?

Best Blog January 19, 2023

There are several kinds of land surveys.

However, the kind of survey that’s actually required for one project, and one that’s required for another can differ quite greatly. For instance, a simple boundary line survey is quite simpler than a full-fledged topographic survey.

One of the surveys that are essential is a pre-construction survey. It helps formulate the entire plan and find the right plan of action to begin the construction process.

Here’s how land surveyors can help in the pre-construction phase.

Why Get A Survey Done in The Pre-Construction Phase?
There are several reasons why a pre-construction survey can help in construction planning, and make the entire process a lot easier. Here’s why clients should consider a pre-construction survey for their properties.

1. Required by law
While the laws might differ from one local government to another, it is usually required to get a pre-construction survey done by law. This is essential to get approval for the construction of the project.

To get this approval, the surveyor might have to present the sitemap of all the necessary information in the survey.

2. Saving Costs
This is one of the major advantages of conducting a pre-construction survey. Instead of considering it as an additional cost, it should be considered a long-term investment.

Eventually, even the construction team that will be taking up the project would ask for a pre-construction survey to know more about the land and formulate their construction plans from the scratch.

A land survey would enable construction teams to identify areas that might not be structurally sound for erecting a structure, and where extra steps need to be taken to prevent any mishaps.

3. Avoiding any mistakes
Construction teams rely heavily on the data provided to them in the construction survey. The land’s features enable them to identify the construction zones, the boundaries, and the right steps to be taken to undertake the construction.

In case there’s any naturally weak zone on the piece of land, it should be identified and intimated in the survey report.

4. Setting Construction Boundaries
The construction survey will also help construction teams in identifying the construction boundaries of the project. It impacts the construction process as it becomes necessary for the team to determine where to place which structure on the land.

Moreover, the property lines are also identified in a land survey. This also allows construction teams to keep the construction activity limited to the actual piece of land and not extend it beyond that to avoid any conflicts in the future.

Does it Help?
Getting a pre-construction survey certainly helps in more than one way. The final report is accessed by many stakeholders throughout the process. It sets the basic standards for safety, process, and the basic guidelines to follow during the construction phase.

That can especially come in handy during the construction process, and even fasten up the process.

Conclusion: Pre-Construction Surveyors in Calgary
Construction is an integral process and requires a lot of elements working in sync to get the desired final result. Pre-construction surveys act as one of that element to perfect the entire process. It helps the construction teams and engineers go through the features of the land, enabling better planning and a streamlined process.

Core Geomatics has been working on such projects since 2009, and quite successfully. The team uses leading technologies, and innovative measures to make the clients understand their land even better, and maximize the possible output from it.

The team’s more than a decade’s worth of experience ensures proper implementation and accurate results.

Get in touch with Core Geomatics today to understand more about how construction surveys can help optimize the construction process on a piece of land.

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