Surprising Ways Lanyard Name Badges Are More Versatile Than Stick or Pin-On Name Tags

Best Blog January 19, 2023

There are many different ways to communicate identity and information between employees, departments, and even customers. Between stick-on, pin-on, magnetic name tags, lanyards and name badges, there are lots of different ways to make it work, depending on the needs of your business and your branding requirements.

In this article, let’s take a look at the versatility and practicality of lanyard name tags, and what sorts of advantages they offer.

Easier Scanning
If your employees are equipped with name tags that contain scannable barcodes or RFID tags, then lanyards are much more functional for employees that need to “scan for access” at doors and other checkpoints.

In fact, this can often be accomplished without even taking the lanyard’s name badge out or the lanyard off – but even so, if need be, that’s a cinch.

The same can’t be said for other sorts of name tags, like pin-on versions.

Room for One More?
Lanyards are often equipped with special lanyard name badge holders that are sized appropriately for suitable name badges.

Unless you need direct visibility through both sides of the badge holder, there’s usually a little more room in there for extras.

Some employees carry credit cards, licenses and accreditations, bits of paperwork, and certifications in their lanyard name badge holders. They even make a convenient little carrying space for spare change!

Moreover, some employees use their lanyards as an attachment point for other essentials, like chapstick and hand sanitizer, which has become vital in recent years.

On and Off in a Jiffy
Another great thing about lanyard name tags is they are easy to take on and off in a second and are great for those with fine motor skill issues, too.

This makes them immediately compatible with pretty much any uniform and they also won’t leave holes in fabric the way some name tags will.

This can be important in some industries where having a name tag on, or a lanyard around the neck, can constitute an occupational hazard given the changing circumstances- although, many lanyards feature a breakaway design that makes them safer to use.

Easier to Carry and Store, Harder to Lose
Lanyards and name badges are easier to carry in a pocket or a bag than other sorts of name tags, and since they have a larger profile (which makes them easier to retrieve) they’re a lot harder to lose, too.

They Can Be Color-Coded and Brand Integrated
One more selling point of lanyards and name badges is that they can often be brand-integrated according to color or printed wordmarks or logos. This improves the overall brand identity and experience delivered by the organization.

Some Lanyard Name Badges and Holders Exhibit Great Quality
There are numerous other advantages of lanyard name badges, especially those selected from a quality supplier like Imprint Plus (

Their lanyards are available in several colors and are made with an antimicrobial fabric tested against E. coli and Staphylococcus, which makes them perfect for medical professionals, those in food service, teachers, and more.

Their PureClearTM lanyard name badge holders are made with high-quality ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) instead of PVC. It is durable and flexible, and unlike PVC, it is non-toxic. In addition to being more environmentally friendly than some alternatives, this badge holder is also sealable and water-resistant.

In addition to lanyards, name badges, and associated holders, Imprint Plus also sells a wide range of customizable name tags and signs. To learn more about the advantages of their unique products, visit their website via the link above or get in touch with them at 800-563-2464.

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