Why Is the Honda Pioneer 700 So Popular?

Best Blog December 24, 2022

Ever since Honda started making side-by-sides in 2008, they’ve produced some of the most popular UTVs in the industry – UTVs that are rugged, reliable, and feature-rich.

Consider the Honda Pioneer 700. These side-by-sides offer great value and performance and are popular among trail riders, hunters, mudders, those who need a UTV for general utility, and everyone in between.

Here are some of the things owners love.

High Standard Ground Clearance
The Pioneer 700 offers nearly a foot of standard ground clearance – 10.7”, to be exact. That means the Pioneer 700 can go where you need, clearing rocks, logs and other dangerous impediments with daring ease and agility.

It also makes these UTVs great in deep mud or snow, especially when equipped with adequate tires. But, speaking of which, the stock tires are pretty good too. They typically come with Blackstone OTR tires that have deep, aggressive treads and thick sidewalls that are tough enough for rough riding.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) and a Shaft-Driven Unit That Eliminates Belts
The Pioneer 700 also features upgraded electric power steering (EPS) that offers unprecedented control in grueling conditions as well as a brushless motor with return to center functionality.

The Pioneer 700 is also shaft-driven which eliminates the need for a belt, which is a bonus as belts can slip under wet, muddy, adverse conditions, limiting power or even incapacitating the vehicle.

Engine Braking Allows for Easy Controls, Even on Downhill Grades
Climbing steep grades is tough, but going downhill can be even tougher, especially when you’re trying to maintain control. The Pioneer 700 features an engine braking system which offers downhill assist for greater stability and control when going down.

A Capacious Dump Bed
The remarkably capacious dump bed of the Honda Pioneer 700 also rivals those of bigger, more expensive UTVs. Surprisingly strong for its size, the Pioneer 700 features a dump bed with a 1,000 lb capacity, enabling you to haul more firewood, harvests, and other cargo more efficiently and with fewer trips. It also features a hydraulic assist tilt function which makes dumping cargo much easier.

Comes with a Front Bumper and Doors
Another big selling point of the Honda Pioneer 700 is that it comes with a front bumper and doors, unlike some other models which require upgrades.

Sure, you can upgrade them if you really want, but at the same time, the fact that they come standard helps keep down aftermarket expenses.

There Is a Wide Range of Honda Pioneer 700 Accessories That Are Perfect for Upgrades and Customizations
One last thing to love about the Honda Pioneer 700 is that its popularity has made it a model of focus for aftermarket producers, and there are a lot of Honda Pioneer 700 accessories out there.

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