MEN’S TOUPEE January 3, 2023

Hair loss is a problem that affects many men. However, there are solutions that can help us to regain an abundant hair appearance. Precisely, in this article we will talk to you about men’s hairdressers. Have you ever heard anything about this type of product?

In decades past, the term “toupee” was almost taboo among people, as it was taken as a joke or a mockery. But now, thanks to the latest generation of wigs, hair prostheses for men have been appreciated by all those who suffer from baldness, because they are wigs with a totally natural appearance, plus they are easy to put on and, best of all, they are undetectable.


The term wig is associated with accessories that cover the entire head. They became popular thanks to the theater, as actors used them to give life to their characters.

Now, they are called hair prosthesis or hair replacement system. These new accessories have arrived with features that make them the best allies against baldness, because:

  • They are undetectable. Their design makes them go unnoticed, as their placement is perfectly compatible with the shape of the head, which is why it is practically impossible to detect whether it is a prosthesis or a man’s natural hair.
  • They cover part of the head. Unlike the predecessor wigs, men’s toupees were manufactured to cover the hairless area, usually the central and front part of the scalp. This makes integration with the remaining hair on the head easier.
  • They are attached with glue or tapes. This ensures that the prosthesis remains firmly attached to the head. In this way you can go on with your daily activities without worries. You can swim, sleep, go dancing, play soccer and do whatever you want, because your system will never fall off.
  • They are made of natural hair. This gives a natural look. In addition, you can wash your head, comb your hair, use a hair dryer, hairspray, wax or gel, it’s like having hair again!
Men's toupee


Let’s remember that, as a general rule, when hair is ours, it is hydrated and nourished through the follicle. When it is a hair prosthesis (even if it is natural hair), this follicle does not exist. That is why it must be cared for even more than if it were our own, by constantly moisturizing it.

Therefore, the life of a wig will depend directly on the care you give it, since if you maintain it and use the special products for prosthesis, you can extend the life of your system from 7 to 12 months.

Here are some tips to keep your replacement system in top condition:

  • When you have it on your head, use warm water to wash your prosthesis. The movement of your hands should be from back to front.
  • Apply a special shampoo. You should also make movements from back to front. Preferably use a wide-toothed comb to perform the movements. This way you clean the hair without tangling it. It is important that you do not scratch your head or pull your hair, because you could pull it out.
  • You should perform general maintenance (remove the prosthesis and clean it) approximately every 10 days, depending on the heat conditions or daily activities you perform.
  • Use special products to remove glue residues, clean the head, etc.


The price may vary depending on several factors: type of materials, color, style, etc. However, we can say that you can find these wigs for men at prices ranging from 99 euros to 370 euros.

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