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Put simply, Hair replacement systems are a prosthesis for baldness, in other words, a toupee, hair patch, or hairpiece. These are custom-fitted hair patches made of either human or synthetic hair held together by a foundation that can be made of various substances. These substances include mesh fabrics and polymer or a mixture of both for a more natural finish.

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Non -invasive solution

As mentioned above, hairpieces are simply a prosthetic that clients can remove or apply anytime they want. This process does not involve surgery, and most hairpieces can be applied and removed at home.

All surgeries are known to have complications and risks. When clients choose to solve their hair loss crisis with a hairpiece, they avoid all the side effects of a surgical solution. These mainly include scarring, infections, and anesthetic dangers.

Additionally, a hair replacement system will save you from any other types of discomfort that come with surgery—for example, major expense and post-operative pain.

Immediate Solution

A hair system will give you your desired result sooner than any other solution for hair loss. Medications and surgery both require various amounts of time to take full effect. Often this period can be difficult and filled with many visits to the hospital.

With a hair replacement system, the client simply has to apply the hairpiece to get instantaneous results. The application process itself barely takes minutes. On the other hand, medication or surgery can take up to six to seven months to take full effect.

Reversible Solution

Surgical solutions are permanent. If the client is unsatisfied with their hair transplant results, there is no going back for them. However, hair replacement systems are impervious to this problem. If a client dislikes their hairpiece, they simply have to remove it and try one.

If the client only wants to make small adjustments, they can even style the existing hair replacement system into their desired result. The appearance given by a hairpiece is completely temporary. A hair technician can remove even semi-permanent toupees.

Guaranteed solution

One of the biggest advantages of a hair replacement system is that it will give the client a solution no matter what. Unfortunately, hair transplant results can vary depending on the degree of baldness. Sometimes clients don’t yield significant results from medications either.

Hair replacement systems do not discriminate in this matter. They work for everyone, irrespective of the amount or type of hair loss. Furthermore, there are no limitations to who can use a hair replacement system.

Not dependent on donor’s hair

Hair transplants involve the surgical removal of skin with hair follicles from any body part to the scalp. If this part has sparse follicles, achieving the desired result is decreased or even eliminated sometimes.

On the other hand, hair replacement systems are prostheses. Therefore the client is not dependent upon the donor site. This makes it a suitable option for clients who have sparse or no hair on their donor site.

More affordable than surgery

It goes without saying that all kinds of surgeries are costly procedures. Hair transplants are no different. The cost of a hair transplant procedure can go up to $15,000 if the client is unsatisfied with their immediate results.

Additionally, hair transplants are classified as cosmetic procedures, so they are not included in insurance plans. In contrast, even the most expensive toupee will only cost the client up to $300. At NEWLACECU, we provide the most affordable rates for top-quality hairpieces.

Limitless styling possibilities

Hair replacement systems come in all kinds of varieties and forms. Therefore, the options provided by this solution are limitless. The client can customize the hair color, length, density, and style to suit their comfort and needs.

Regular maintenance

Although hair systems have no medical risks, non-surgical hair replacements require careful maintenance and attention. Regular maintenance is needed to uphold the natural appearance of a hair system and extend its lifespan. However, your maintenance routine will get quicker with time, and it will eventually become second nature to you.

Even though there are no major risks of a hair replacement system, it does need regular upkeep to maintain its appearance and even extend its life. However, this maintenance routine will become easier with time and practice.

Repeat buying

Hair replacement systems are not a one-time solution. The client is required to change their toupee from time to time. The life of a hairpiece is usually up to 3-5 months. It can become shorter if the proper maintenance routine is not followed. However, it is estimated that the aggregate cost of hair replacement systems is still less than a hair transplant.

Regular haircuts

This might not particularly be a disadvantage as haircuts are part of a normal routine for most people. In addition, these haircuts will give the client a better appearance when using the hair replacement system.

It is especially important for clients struggling with partial baldness as not maintaining natural hair will make the clean-up routine harder for clients. Hair that grows underneath the hairpiece needs to be regularly shaved off, and the rest of the hair should be trimmed to fit with the toupee.

Hair replacement systems have numerous advantages compared to disadvantages, which is why they are possibly the best option for clients suffering hair loss.

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