Listing Description is an AI assistant that effortlessly constructs product descriptions for Magento. It generates meta titles, meta descriptions, comprehensive product overviews, brief product summaries, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts right within your Magento portal.

Features include:

  • Support for unlimited ecommerce sites and user accounts.
  • Direct Magento publishing functionality.
  • Customizable product properties, tone, and style.
  • Tailored content length and target audience.
  • Advanced image analysis for descriptions accuracy.
  • AI-equipped market targeting.
  • Detailed keyword analysis and recommendations.
  • SEO optimization using keyword density monitoring.
  • Text rewriting feature.
  • Maintenance of consistency with reference product feature.
  • Log of content review history.
  • Efficient bulk content administration.
  • Multiple store support.
  • Chrome extension for efficient content management and product fact-checking. provides two operational modes: ‘Single’ and ‘Bulk’. ‘Single’ accommodates custom configurations for each product, while ‘Bulk’ automatically generates content for numerous products simultaneously. Single:

This mode offers users the ability to define the tone, style, and target market of a specific product, perform an exhaustive keyword analysis, and select illustrative keywords and product attributes, to be included in the generated text. The AI constructs a personalized content in approximately 50 seconds. Users can then review and make modifications if needed before publishing. Bulk:

Designed for creating content for numerous products at once, users can select multiple products while maintaining uniformity in tone, style, and attributes. This mode is aimed for speed and efficiency, accelerating the content creation process for large volumes of products.

Language compatibility:

To cater to its international user base,’s Version 1.2 supports multiple languages such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. Thus, businesses can auto-generate content in their native Magento site language, expanding their market scope and augmenting global customer engagement. If the site’s language isn’t supported, it defaults to English. Translation of the user interface is in the pipeline.


Disclaimer: is an independently developed tool to operate with Magento and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Magento.

  • Accepts Credit Cards

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