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Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area residents can count on Twin City Security for skilled private security services. We provide security support to some of our clients for a single event. Others need 24/7 security support 365 days a year. We offer a range of security services to meet your needs. TCS-Dallas is the best option to protect people and assets.

Since 1990, we have been delivering security solutions to the Dallas/Fort Worth area as the most trusted Dallas security company. We are one of the only local security companies in Dallas that provides highly personalized service and experience. A highly qualified and trained security guard is the key to providing superior security. We take our experts’ role very seriously.

Twin City Security Dallas has been an expert in the security industry for over 40 years, yet still continues to be 100% owned and operated right here in the United States. We are licensed, bonded and conform to all regulations set forth by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We maintain full insurance coverage, workers compensation, general liability, excess liability, employee dishonesty coverage, and employee fidelity coverage.

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