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The Awakening Center of Houston strives to help individuals mindfully examine their relationship to suffering to spark growth and a deeper connection to life. We offer Professional Dialectical Behavioral Therapy!

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As a committed participant in DBT, you will rather instantly notice a newly acquired sense of insight and an ability to observe and recognize patterns in your life. However, it is through the continued practice of learned skills that you can change your brain physiology and behavior. For truly lasting effects, this part of the process takes about 6 months to a year.

If you are committed to practicing the skills acquired through therapy sessions, you will not fail at DBT. Results from 9 clinical trials provide solid evidence that DBT is effective.

If you are seeking just supportive therapy, I am probably not the best-fit therapist for you. It takes a sound commitment to change your life and I require that clients who are ready for this journey meet with me once per week to maximize the effectiveness of DBT.

While I do not offer general family therapy, there are times when treating an individual's issues can greatly benefit from meeting with their family in a group setting. This helps to ensure that behaviors targeted for change in the individual are not reinforced by their family environment. In this way, bringing in the family supports the effectiveness of the individual's treatment.

Individual Psychotherapy Session - 50-60min: $195 Diagnostic Evaluation - 1.5-2hrs: $275 Adult Group Session - Fridays, 1-3pm: $100 Teen Group Session - Saturdays, 10-11:15am (beginning again after Labor Day): $100

While I do not accept insurance, I do provide Superbills to clients for filing out-of-network claims.

Yes. Please reach out to me to discuss this.