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One of the oldest and most intimate forms of magic, “close up” is the form of magic that audiences find the most astonishing. Unlike stage magic, which is often performed at a considerable distance from the crowd and involves large and elaborate props, close up magic is performed standing right next to onlookers – sometimes the magic happens in their hands!


Close up magic Colorado usually involves everyday items such as playing cards, coins or pieces of rope. Due to their proximity to the magician denver, most spectators are lured into a false sense of confidence that they could detect any sleight of hand. When the magician performs his close up magic and viewers are unable to find any hint of trickery, the results are astounding – leaving some to wonder if magic truly does exist!

Forget the rest – book the best Denver Magician, Scott McCray, for the perfect mix of comedy and magic denver. This naturally gifted magician, denver comedian and corporate entertainer colorado has been enchanting audiences all across the West for nearly 30 years.