Listing Description

“Lovely Details sont des petits bohneurs qui nous suivent partout” Lili G.

​Lili Gottlieb, the founder of Lovely Details’ brand was born and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. She has Persian roots and gets inspired by her origins. She is happily married and is a young mother of two beautiful children. Since a few years, she moved with her family to Zurich.

Lovely Details is a jewelry brand, mostly handmade in Switzerland, with oriental influences and precious importance to details. Lili’s collections are of high quality and affordable price. Most of the pieces are water resistant. Her lucky charms provide joy and good vibes.

Throughout her journey Lili tries to find the little “details” that make the difference.

She offers all kind of styles and pieces you will like to offer and wear. She creates pieces aiming to bring luck and happiness.

Get inspired and find your Lovely Details ❤

We are looking forward to be part of your journey.

Lili and Lovely Details’ team