Listing Description

Greenigo is an Australian-based wood stationery brand that specialises in eco-friendly and sustainable products. With over 5 years of dedicated research, Greenigo founder Vivek Panchakshari discovered the ultimate material to replace traditional paper stock – biodegradable wood veneer that is 100% sustainable, non-toxic, versatile, and requires fewer chemicals in production. As a result, Greenigo has become Australia’s first and only wood stationery brand.

What sets Greenigo apart from the competition is its commitment to sustainability and creativity. By partnering with Australian women artists, each Greenigo product becomes a work of art bearing the signature style and creativity of the collaborating artist. Customers experience aesthetically captivating products while supporting local talent and environmental responsibility.

Greenigo offers a diverse range of products, from wood cover journals and notebooks to greeting cards and bookmarks. Each item is designed to minimise environmental impact, using only eco-friendly adhesives and finishes that are safe for both users and the environment. Ultimately, when choosing Greenigo, customers are joining a movement towards a greener, sustainable future.

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