Listing Description

Gifted Financial Services is committed to making financial enrollment more accessible and less daunting. Over the past six years, we have established ourselves as a dependable community partner, providing professional, approachable, and inclusive financial services at affordable rates. Our knowledgeable team goes beyond the numbers, understanding that you are more than just a credit score. We strive to expand access to financial services and ensure you receive the necessary support.

Our Services:

Tax Preparation:

We offer audit-free tax preparation services for high-wage earners and self-employed individuals. Our experts help you maximize tax deductions and minimize liabilities effectively.

Payroll Services:

Our payroll services support small businesses, independent contractors, and sole proprietors, ensuring accurate and timely payroll management.

Homeownership Readiness:

We assist clients in preparing for homeownership, providing essential insights and resources to help you achieve your dream of owning a home.

Business Compliance:

We help clients ensure business longevity by maintaining compliance with regulations. Starting January 1, 2024, all reporting entities must file a Beneficial Ownership Information Report to avoid penalties, and we are here to help you meet these requirements.

  • Accepts Credit Cards
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