Listing Description

Auspro Group, your go-to for hassle-free, planet-loving energy solutions, has held the reins as a leading energy efficiency brand since 2017. Located at Unit 1/118 Kurrajong Avenue, Mount Druitt, NSW, 2770, we simplify the complex, offering tailored upgrades for homes, small businesses, and large enterprises, all with a touch of friendliness and fun.

Accredited by the government, we bring you top-notch, government-approved products that reduce your carbon footprint and cut costs at home and work.

From state-of-the-art hot water systems to eco-friendly heating and cooling solutions, solar power installations, and LED lighting upgrades, Auspro Group’s product lineup is second to none. Our commitment extends beyond product quality; we guide you through the entire process, conducting energy audits and managing projects from start to finish.

As accredited providers, we handle government interactions, ensuring you seamlessly access incentives and discounted products. Our commitment goes beyond profit; we genuinely care for our customers, staff, and the planet. Join us in improving the world, one energy-efficient upgrade at a time.