Leather Sofa Cleaning and Maintenance

Best Blog February 25, 2023

The beauty and life of your luxury leather sofa depends on the care it receives. Quality sofa that is well-maintained should be as new as original in the fifth years and should last many years. Proper cleaning and maintenance will keep it looking great for its full lifetime and help improve your life quality. It also protects your pocket and the environment. The right cleaning helps safeguard your leather sofa investment by keeping you from replacing it before its time. That is great news, because it also keeps your sofa out of landfills prematurely.

The right way of cleaning and maintenance your sofa is easier than you think. All it takes is a little knowledge about how to select the right cleaning products and the right way to clean. Here are some tips.

  1. If leather sofa stains slightly, you can clean directly with leather cleaner. Steam cleaning equipment may be required if leather sofa is very dirty, then using cleaner. Remember, it’s necessary to do a test of color-fastness on an inconspicuous place before using equipment.
  2. After cleaning, applying wax on the surface for avoiding stain again. Suggest using the best wax, otherwise, the leather will become hard.
  3. Dust regularly to avoid leather pore block, Sofa Cleaning Alo Ve Sinh because the key point of keeping leather alive is keeping leather breathing.
  4. Avoid too damp and too dry environment, because that will quicken the aging of sofa.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight. If the sun can shine your living room often, it is better to change the placement of sofa pieces regularly. This will protect you leather sofa from color difference.
  6. In order to prolong the service life, avoid children playing on the leather sofa, and prevent the sweaty body approaching it. Once the sofa is dirty seriously, you should ask professional housekeeping service company for cleaning and maintenance.

How to Keep Leather Sofas Clean

If you have leather sofas in your house then you have to know how to keep them clean. Having leather sofas in the house is a luxury many people only wish they can have. This is why those who do have it should be grateful and take good care of them. Good maintenance will assure that your sofas always look their best. You have to know what type of leather you have before attempting to clean them because different leather should be cleaned different ways.

If your leather is a suede type that is very soft you will have to be super careful.This type of leather will stain very easily and is also the most challenging to clean and maintain.You might get away with using special products for a stain but leather this delicate should only be professionally cleaned. They have the right machines, accessories and chemicals that people don’t normally have in their homes.

If you have genuine leather or any kind of leather with a finish you will be happy to know they are the easiest to keep clean. When you buy them they usually say that they are water repellent and most of the time you get a special sofa cleaner as a complementary gift from the store. Whenever you are in doubt about the soap or sofa shampoo then just use water as long as they has a finish. Take advantage of having leather sofa seats by keeping them clean. You will be happy to see them shine and enjoy having them.

How to Keep Your Sofa Clean at All Times? Just Use Slip Covers

Have you ever walked into an office or house and found the sofa or the chair spotless clean? Have you wondered how people manage to keep their furniture so clean when you find it next to impossible despite dusting your furniture and washing it on a regular basis?

All such offices and houses probably make use of slip covers to keep their furniture clean. The cover is nothing but a piece of cloth shaped like the furniture and cushions. The furniture is covered with these cloth pieces and can be removed as and when required. All you have to do is buy a few slip covers for furniture and change it on a regular basis. Not only will this keep your furniture in good condition, it will give you the feeling of using a new chair or sofa every time you change the cover.

Fitting covers is not a difficult task. One person can change the covers of all the furniture in the house in just a few hours. Ask your spouse to help you and you can complete this task in a jiffy. You can opt for different patterns and colors when purchasing covers. This will change the look of your house every time you change the cover. You can opt for different colors for summer and winter.

The best part is that these covers are not very Carpet Cleaning Alo Ve Sinh expensive. If you purchase the same from good quality stores, these covers will last for a very long time and will give you good return on money invested.