How to Make Your Own Wrought Iron Coat Rack

Best Blog February 24, 2023

The wrought iron coat rack is possibly the least bought in terms of wrought iron furniture. This is because you don’t really use the rack that much, and not a lot of people appreciate its price. If you are one of these people who think that a coat rack made out of wrought iron need not be expensive, then you might as well make your own. That wasn’t meant to be an insult. It’s just that the rack is a really simple concept that you can make your own. Think about it. The simplest form of a rack is a hook where you can hang the coat. Instead of a hook, you can just drill a nail halfway into the wall and you have something to hang your coats on. The simplicity of the concept makes a rack easy to practice your DIY skills with.

This article will discuss how you can make the simple rack: the stand. The coat rack/stand is made out of three pieces. There are the feet, the body, and the hooks.

For the feet of the rack, you can simply make a little X with two formed iron bars. You can weld them together or you can just put one over the other. It’s your artistic choice.

For the stand, a vertical formed iron bar would suffice, although you can work a little magic on it and put multiple bars instead. Straight bars would be fine. The hooks can take care of the design part of the rack.

For the hooks, you can get straight formed iron Garderobenständer bars as well, just put single pieces of ornamental hooks at the tips to give it a little design.

It’s that simple! One thing you should realize about making your own formed iron piece, however, is that it doesn’t have to be a full wrought iron piece. That being said, you can get other materials. For instance, you can take a really slim wooden coat rack, remove the hooks, and replace them with molded iron hooks.

You can buy single molded iron pieces from your local hardware stores. It’s just a matter of where you put them. If you already have a rack, you can try modifying it until it looks a lot more like a wrought iron coat rack. Alternatively, you can simply attach decorative wrought iron pieces on top of the rack so it becomes more of an ornament as much as it is a coat rack.

Wood Coat Rack – Things You Need to Know

One of the types of coat rack is wood coat rack. This rack come with very nice decorative and designs. With this wood rack you can organized your jackets, hats or coats. Also when your friends come to your house you can put their coats, jackets or hats in this rack. In this rack available hooks to hang your coats, hats or jackets and a separate stands to store your umbrellas. These racks are simple and efficient to establish a clutter free zone. This rack is an elegant furniture and also traditional for your place either houses or offices.

Hardwood and softwood are used to make wood coat rack. Hardwood is made from tree like white ash, maple, oak, teak, birch and red alder. While soft wood is made from larch, pine, cedar and fir. On the market they can be painted, left natural or stained style. If you want to save your floor space you can choose wall mounted coat tree that made from wood. Or if you have enough floor space you can choose a classy wood rack tree. It is depend on your requirement and your desire.

Wood coat rack is for all class people. It is for someone with a low budget to someone with high budget for this kind of furniture. Before you go to the store you can research on the internet such as on Google. You can find the newest style so you can check it on the store. Or maybe you can just buy it online. Before you purchase any wood rack, make a careful analysis and research. You can research and buy online to find the best style, design and material to suit your home décor. Look for some money-back guarantee at the Wandgarderobe store. Make sure there are no any flawed in the wall rack when you receive the rack after you buy it.