What is a Lapel Pin: An Introduction to the Pleasure of Wearing Customized Lapel Pins

Best Blog January 31, 2023

When it comes to fashion or clothing accessories for men some of the more common flourishes you’ll find include lapel pins, cufflinks and tie bars. Each of these accessories has been a part of men’s fashion for years and years, and continues to be timeless and useful. Accessories are there, after all, to add a bit more color and personality to your outfit, whether you’re going to be attending a wedding, or you’re simply heading off to work.

But how, exactly, are these accessories useful? What function or role do they play in your overall dress? And how, exactly, can they add a bit more fun and pleasure to dressing up for an occasion?

What Are Tie Bars for?
Tie bars are used to clip a tie to one’s shirt front. This prevents the tie from swinging back and forth, and makes sure that it is straight in a neat and tidy way.

What Are Cufflinks for?
Cufflinks, on the other hand, served the same function as today’s buttons wherein they were once used to hold the cuffs of your shirt together. These days, though, most shirts already come with buttons, making cufflinks almost completely obsolete.

What Are Lapel Pins for?
Now lapel pins are the only fashion accessory with no practical function. Basically, they’re purely aesthetic, and are mainly used to add that decorative touch and flavor to your overall look.

Why Do People Wear Lapel Pins?
Lapel pins are usually worn together with luxury suits. They’re often bold and distinct enough to add that defining feature to one’s look, and even add a touch of elegance and refinement to your overall dress.

However, lapel pins aren’t only used as a fashion statement. In the workplace, lapel pins can sometimes be used as a badge of honor for employees who’ve performed exceptionally well for the company.

Some examples of lapel pins you’ll find in a work setting include a “Years of Service” pin, a star pin, or other similar types of lapel pins that are used to commemorate staff members and employees for a job well done.

Different Types of Lapel Pins
There are different types of lapel pins that you can use to add that subtle flash to your outfit.

1. Enamel Pins
Usually made from metal, enamel pins are also sometimes referred to as mini-pins or badges. They’re more subtle than most other pins and are often highly customizable. Some of the lapel pins used for work that were mentioned above are actually enamel pins.

You’ll find a lot of customized lapel pins being sold in various shops, studios, printers, and craft stores. They can feature practically any design, including brand logos and illustrations.

If you’re looking for customized lapel pins for your club, organization, or place of work, you’ll find enamel pins are best-suited for the job.

2. Boutonniere
Although they’re still used today, the boutonniere dates back to a time before there were lapel pins. Essentially, the boutonniere is a real flower that you pin to your lapel.

Boutonnieres were usually reserved for special occasions such as weddings, proms, homecomings, and funerals. This was a standard for formal wear, and usually went with the women’s corsage.

3. Floral Lapel Pins
From real flowers to floral lapel pins, these pins are usually made from wool, satin, or polyester. Shaped in the form of a flower, they’re a popular lapel pin for formal occasions and can come in the form of either a pin or a stick pin.

Lapel Pins for Casual and Office Wear
There’s no doubt that lapel pins still have a place in today’s fashion. Whether you’ve decided to wear them as a fashion statement, or use them as a way to uphold your finest employees, customized lapel pins remain a great way to add a touch of flare and personality to your outfit.

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