What Constitutes a Quality Western Wear Store?

Best Blog January 23, 2023

When you buy items from a Western wear store, you expect a certain level of quality in their products and customer service.

After all, the things you’ll be buying from them, including work boots, apparel, riding equipment, and so on, will be used extensively in your day-to-day activities and see quite a bit of wear and tear. It’s also important to have certain items fitted exactly to your specifications to ensure all-day comfort. Here are the questions you need to ask before shopping at any Western wear store:

What services do they provide?
When it comes to Western wear staples such as cowboy boots and work boots, as well as horse tack and riding equipment, you’ll want to go to a Western wear store that offers top-notch quality service.

Jackson’s Western Store in Wayland, MI offers a comprehensive suite of in-store and after-sales services, including boot fitting, boot stretching, saddle fitting, hat shaping, and hat cleaning–all free of charge for purchases made with them. These services are essential to making sure that your gear is fitted exactly to your specifications.

When you visit their location to buy a pair of boots, you’ll also be treated to personalized sizing and fitting by a knowledgeable member of their staff. Additionally, you’re entitled to their New Boot Pre-Break in process with any purchase of a pair of cowboy boots. As you may already know, cowboy boots are a tough item to fit. The leather requires breaking in, which involves stretching the material out without going so far as to make it grow a size. Jackson’s Western Store’s Boot Pre-Break in process makes the leather softer and more pliable, resulting in a huge difference in terms of comfort. Should your boots ever need repairing, don’t worry! Jackson’s offers boot repair services, too!

Additionally, all boots bought from Jackson’s are covered by a standard 1-year warranty. The same warranty applies to most of the products they offer, when purchased in-store.

Do they offer American-made products?
Jackson’s Western Store recognizes the importance of supporting local, and makes an effort to carry products made in the USA at fair and sensible prices. They have the largest selection of cowboy boots in the state of Michigan, and many of the offerings in their extensive catalog are proudly American-made. The same goes for many of the other products and items that they stock, including cowboy hats, leather gloves, leather belts, tack, and saddles.

Some of the brands they offer on their website include homegrown names such as Double H Boots, Stetson Hats, and Tony Lama.

How long have they been in business?
The longevity of a business is proof positive not only of their commitment and dedication to their customers, but also of their customers’ trust and loyalty towards them. Jackson’s Western Store has been in business since 1969, constituting almost 55 years of service. It was and continues to be family owned and operated, ensuring personal and intimate interactions with customers with a focus on providing them with nothing but the very best products and experiences.

Visit Jackson’s Western Store today by viewing the map here, or shop online at https://jacksonswestern.com/.