Tips for Rocking an Emerald Tennis Necklace

Best Blog January 11, 2023

Women all around the world adore the chic simplicity of tennis necklaces – add the right gemstones such as emeralds and you have a beautiful understated piece of jewelry suitable for a variety of different occasions.

Here we will take a look at emerald tennis necklaces as a statement piece, including where to get your own. Keep reading to learn how to wear your emerald jewelry with every outfit and occasion.

Emerald Tennis Necklace: A Work of Art
The beauty of a tennis necklace lies in its adaptability; it may be worn both formally (with an evening gown) and casually (with slacks and a cardigan).

The spectacular usage of colorful gemstone jewelry in TV dramas representing affluence has given the lovely green gemstone emerald, the birthstone of May, an enormous moment. It’s a beautiful gemstone known for its entrancing qualities.

The Emerald Tennis Necklace, with its rich green tones, has long been associated with affluence and royalty. Though emerald is a rare stone, it is not limited to being worn just on special occasions. It can be used to enhance everyday attire as well.

Keep It Neutral
These necklaces shine most against a backdrop of solid, neutral hues.

Put simply, an emerald necklace is a timeless accessory that goes with just about any outfit. However, an emerald’s brilliance is lost in the shuffle when set in a setting that features busy patterns, a lot of adornment, or an elaborate neckline.

Shorter emerald necklaces look well with lower-cut necklines, but if you’re going out in a wide neckline that passes just below the collarbone, try accessorizing with a bold emerald tennis necklace.

In terms of everyday clothing, choose simple cuts and neutral colors. The simplicity of the design and the vividness of the interplay between the colors make emerald stand out as a gem of exceptional quality.

Style experts agree that if you’re going to wear a statement necklace, the rest of your jewelry should be understated. Wearing a bold emerald necklace with understated stud earrings is a great combination.

To Complement Your Wedding Dress
Modern brides choose emeralds, which look stunning set in white or yellow gold chain and layered with a diamond necklace.

Imagine a Mini Baguette Diamond Tennis Necklace layered with a magnificent emerald necklace and dripping in a flowery frenzy. For the brides, this is an out-of-this-world combination; for the bridesmaids and the maid of honor, it’s a sweet and delicate beauty.

During Festive Occasions
Weddings aren’t the only special occasions where emeralds shine. The finest way to showcase the elegance of an emerald is with a plunging statement tennis necklace.

You may look absolutely stunning with an emerald burst tennis bracelet and matching necklace set and have everyone in the room swooning over you for the rest of the night. It would look great draped over beige, white, or black tops and dresses.

Don’t go overboard trying to show off your jewelry collection by wearing your emerald necklace with everything else you own. You’ll wind up appearing sloppy and silly instead of refined.

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