The Funniest Airpod Cases You’ll Ever See

Best Blog January 29, 2023

If you’re an Apple user, you know that the company is known for its sleek and stylish products. And while their products are definitely top notch, there’s one area where they could use some help – their Airpods.

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What are Airpod Cases?

Airpod cases are a must-have accessory for anyone who owns an Airpod. They protect your device from scratches and damage, and they also make it look super cool. You can find airpod cases in all sorts of styles and colors, so there’s bound to be one that suits your personality perfectly. Here are some of our favorite airpod cases:

1. The Silly Monkey Airpod Case: This case is perfect for anyone who loves monkeys. It features a monkey on a rainbow background, and it makes your Airpod look really cute.

2. The Cute Panda Airpod Case: This case is perfect for anyone who loves pandas. It features a cute panda on a white background, and it makes your Airpod look really adorable.

3. The Cool Cat Airpod Case: This case is perfect for anyone who loves cats. It features a cool cat on a pink background, and it makes your Airpod look really stylish.

4. The Funky Fish Airpod Case: This case is perfect for anyone who loves fish. It features a funky fish on a green background, and it makes your Airpod look really cool.

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How to Make an Airpod Case

There are a lot of different ways to make an airpod case. You can use any type of fabric you like, or even just a piece of paper. The important thing is that the fabric is durable and will protect your airpod from scratches.

To make the case, take your fabric and fold it in half so that it’s an inch wide. Make sure the folded edge is facing outwards. Now, start cutting out a square shape out of the fabric. Be sure to leave enough fabric so that you can fold it over once again and secure it with a seamstress’s stitch.

Once you have your square cut out, you’ll need to do some sewing on each side of the fold. Try to sew as close to the edge of the fabric as possible so that there are no gaps where dirt or dust could get inside. Once you have sewn all four sides of the square, flip it over so that the finished edge is facing outwards and press down firmly with a hot iron.

Now it’s time to decorate your case! You can use any type of picture or design that appeals to you, but be sure to keep things simple so that your airpod doesn’t look too busy. To finish off your case, simply place your airpod inside and top off with another piece of fabric if needed.

What to Wear with an Airpod Case

When it comes to Airpod cases, there’s a lot of variety out there. And with so many different styles and designs, you can find the perfect case for your phone. Whether you want something sleek and simple, or something flashy and colorful, there’s a case out there for you.

But what to wear with an Airpod case? Well, that’s a bit tricky. After all, an Airpod case is essentially just a protective cover for your phone. So if you’re looking for something to dress up your outfit a bit, you might not want to go with an Airpod case.

That said, there are some exceptions to every rule. For example, if you’re really into retro fashion, then an old-school style Airpod case would look great paired with some vintage-inspired clothing. Or if you’re feeling artsy and creative, go for something colorful and eye-catching like this rainbow Airpod cover!

So whatever style you prefer, there’s likely a compatible Airpod cover out there for you!

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Whether you’re a victim of airpod theft or just want to add a little extra fun to your life, these hilarious airpod cases are perfect for you. From sassy squirrels to hysterical pandas, there’s sure to be an airpod case that tickles your fancy. So put on your funny shoes and get ready for some laughs!