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The Best AI Text Generators December 23, 2021

Are you the owner of a blog in constant growth? Do you have several professional profiles open on social networks and want to grow them quickly with quality content? Are you a budding entrepreneur who is great at business but doesn’t have time to write web content? Do you have an online store and need a quick and effective way to start promoting it through quality written content?

Web content has become an added value within the business strategy of any company or entrepreneur today, which in turn has led to the need to find a viable way for all that written content is good, is always done on time and makes our business reaches the consumer not only visually, but also written.

Our mission throughout this article is to give you a long list of highly effective solutions to put an end to your writing inspiration problems, explaining you point by point the main features and advantages of the most powerful online writing tools of the moment: AI content creators.

Maybe right now you’ve drawn a blank and the terms “AI content generator” don’t mean anything to you, but don’t worry because that’s what we’re here to explain it all to you and shed some light on the shadows that have long been looming over your business and its need to create more written content that is both fun and distinctive in quality.

And what are AI content generators? you ask. Well, as the name suggests, AI content generators are powerful computer programs that we can use online to get quality articles and suggestions for writing them in an automated way.

For example, if we urgently need to write an article about the importance of exercising regularly and accompanying it with a healthy diet, these programs will brainstorm ideas in a matter of seconds and give us several finished article templates that we can use automatically in our blogs and websites, or use them as a guide to create our own content. In both cases we will be getting the most out of AI and we will be effectively eradicating our problem of writing interesting articles.

Ready to learn all about AI text generators and start giving your websites the content they deserve?

Let’s get started!

1. Jarvis Aka Conversion AI: Best AI Writer

Our list of the best AI content generators is headed by the well-known Jarvis Aka Conversion.AI from Userproof. The main reason why Jarvis is the favorite of the vast majority of consumers and critics is that it is capable of generating quality long-form content in seconds: invitation letters, social media ads, marketing emails, website and blog articles, Google ads, and so on. Whatever you need, you have it in less than a minute.

And you know what the best thing about Jarvis is? Not only does it offer you quality long-form articles to fill the content gap in your social networks and blogs, but all these articles escape the strict plagiarism control that exists on the internet right now. Therefore, you will not have to worry about whether these texts that the program offers you are vetoed by the system by recognizing them as fraudulent, because Jarvis writes with such a high level of quality and accuracy that any article or text that it provides you with will be totally original and free of plagiarism.

In terms of operation and interface we are also in luck, because it is extremely easy to use and has an attractive and intuitive look that will allow the most novice user to use it successfully in minutes.

To write a long article we will only have to go to the tab with the name “Long article assistant” and enter a brief description of what we need. It is important to emphasize that for the text generated by Jarvis to be good, our description in this step must also be good, with the maximum amount of details and data to facilitate the program’s creative work.

For example, if we want to write an article about astrology and the influence of the moon and its phases on human behavior, we must give the program a very accurate description of this topic and the orientation we want to give it, because it is a very extensive subject and if we do not specify the program will end up giving us a very basic article and with a very generalized view of the subject that will not convince us.

Thus, if we only enter in the description box the terms “Lunar phases and their influence on human behavior” we will end up receiving an insufficient and untruthful article that will not help us. On the other hand, if in the description box we enter a brief but detailed summary of what we are looking for, for example: “Description and identification of the different lunar phases that occur each month and the way in which each of them affects people differently depending on their zodiac sign”. We will obtain an extremely concise and satisfactory result that will bring out the full potential of Jarvis and his AI Conversion.

What does Jarvis Aka Conversion offer us?

  • Apart from its main function of large format text conversion, with Jarvis we will have access to many other useful tools to create quality content and that in turn is optimized for SEO, thus increasing the visibility of articles and our position as a website globally.
  • Unlike other online article generators quite similar in terms of features and services, in Jarvis you will have the opportunity to create content in multiple global languages, including English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish or Japanese. Something really important now that the world is so globalized and that people from all over the world work for other countries and need to be able to have at hand a text generator that helps them to write their work in the language that their company needs.

    Because yes, there are more important languages than English and all of them need to be able to have a text generator that ensures that the content generated in that language is also worth reading.
  • As we have explained above and as its name indicates, Jarvis is equipped with state-of-the-art AI that will not only offer us the opportunity to have all kinds of texts instantly but will also give us the opportunity to link the Surfer program in this process. And what does this mean? It means that with Jarvis you will get high quality long or short texts optimized for SEO.

    This will not only make our writing task much easier, but it will also turn all our articles into very effective marketing tools on the Internet, since nowadays if you don’t have a good SEO strategy to position yourself in the main search engines, it’s really as if you had nothing.

    Therefore, if you want to save steps and not have to use more than one program to get your content to succeed, do not hesitate and start using Jarvis. You will save time and your blogs or web pages will start to increase their visibility on the Internet progressively without you having to do anything else.
  • The AI that Jarvis is equipped with is not the only tool that this program uses to create its texts, it also uses fonts within the framework of AIDA and PAS, which causes the content generated to be extremely realistic and manages to overcome without difficulty any plagiarism scanner on the Internet.

    However, for all these tools to work perfectly, they need us to give them a small preview of what we would like to write, explaining in a summarized way the topic and pointing out secondary aspects (although equally relevant for writing) such as the tone, the language in which it will be written, the audience, the main keywords, etc.

    Then, once you have detailed all this information correctly, all you have to do is click on the “Compose” button and in just a few seconds you will have a quality article ready to be published.

    And it is important to remember that although Jarvis is really effective and is able to replace a human perfectly, it is still a computer program and that the more human nuances that make a text different from another we will have to put them ourselves through these simple data that we will provide in the description.
  • The main function and the one that gets the most praise from all its users and critics is its ability to create long-format texts without difficulty in just a few seconds, but that is not its only function.

    In addition to long texts, with Jarvis you will also have the option to create ads for Google or Facebook, invitation letters, product descriptions for online stores, sales letters, and many other things.

Jarvis Pricing Plan

At this point and after having explained in detail everything that Jarvis can offer you, it is time to talk about the price that all these services have. Because although it could be free, the truth is that a program of such quality and that offers us so many advantages at a professional level, it deserves that its users pay a small price for its use, which is really quite affordable and varied, with several price plans depending on our needs.

Below we explain them in more detail:

Free trial

As with other AI article generators, in Jarvis we will also have the opportunity to try its tools (although in a limited way) for a few days to see if the program adapts to what we really need for our professional goals. The Jarvis free trial allows its users to use the program to write a maximum of 10,000 words without having to pay anything for it.

Although, at first glance it might seem that this trial period is insufficient, with this amount of words we will be able to write an average of 5 articles using the program, which will allow us to get our business web content going and know for sure if using Jarvis for writing is what we really need for our future.

On the other hand, the program also provides its users with the opportunity to cancel their trial period within five days and the guarantee that they will get their subscription money back within the seven-day period if the program has not turned out to be what they expected.

Starter Plan

The starter plan for beginners and for those who do not need a very high amount of content for their web pages costs $29 per month with access to 20,000 words. It is a fairly limited plan, so it will only be suitable for those users with social profiles with little activity or blogs with a fairly limited reach.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is more aimed at professionals looking for unlimited access to the tools that this content generator offers. This plan offers an unlimited amount of words for $109 per month, a very reasonable price given the amount of resources we can offer and the benefit we can get from them once we publish them on the Internet.

Boss Plan

For a price of $119 per month and unlimited access to words, the Boss plan is aimed at large entrepreneurs who want to broaden their horizons on the Internet and make their written content stand out from the competition.

Pros of Jarvis

The main advantage of Jarvis is the quality of its texts, capable of perfectly supplanting human writing and surpassing any internet plagiarism scanner. On the other hand, the wide variety of content it is able to offer in each of its plans, its accessibility to multiple important languages and the speed with which it manages to offer quality results, make Jarvis for many the best option for the generation of texts by AI online.

Cons of Jarvis

The only drawbacks that could be put to this great program are that sometimes the text drafts they offer have confusing words that make the text lose meaning in some sections. At the same time, the other major drawback that we will find is the impossibility of reusing words already converted by the program a month later, i.e., the system is renewed every month and all the words that have been converted end up disappearing.

A drawback that is certainly not too serious and can be quickly overcome, but it does make it a bit tedious to have to repeat the introductory process in which we fill in the description of the text we want to get.

2. Rytr: the best of the free text generators

The second in our ranking is Rytr, a very advanced AI article writing program that will offer its users the possibility of texts of all kinds of topics and formats in its free version. The program is equipped with GPT-3 artificial intelligence, a very advanced intelligence developed by the prestigious OpenAI, capable of developing deep learning functions in various language formats that will result in texts of exceptional human quality.

This program is perfect for those people who feel unable to generate their own content and need a quick solution that allows them to put the right words to all the elements that make up their social networks, blogs or professional or personal websites. With Rytr we will not only have access to standard text writing for short and long blog posts, but it will also help us in writing emails, product descriptions for an online store, captions for photographs, etc.

Therefore, if we are small business owners who are very good at managing the finances of our business but have limited writing skills, using Rytr is our best alternative.

What does Rytr offer us?

  1. One of the most attractive features of Rytr is that it gives us the initial option to choose between 23 different types of writing depending on our needs, that is, the program is able to be configured in 23 different ways to write on all kinds of topics, with different tones and languages, and taking into account the audience and the intentionality of the text. Something that makes the difference and makes all your texts full of realism, as if they had been written by a real person and not by a computer program with artificial intelligence.Among the 23 options offered, we highlight those aimed at creating publications for Facebook, ads for Google or social networks, product descriptions or blog posts of short and long duration.
  2. The second most outstanding feature of Rytr and that makes it extremely useful for writing any content, is that in addition to giving us the option to choose the type of text we want, it also has different additional options that allow us to modify the text to our liking once the program has provided us with it. The options available are: Add, Expand, Reorder and Shorten the text.For example, with the “Expand” function we can order the program to write a complete paragraph from a phrase or sentence. While with the “Reorder” option we can give a new approach to the text we have as many times as we want, something that will not give us new words but new points of view from which we can continue creating our content.
  3. The program will allow us to write texts in all kinds of tones, allowing us to write informal, professional, official documents, commercial, formal or enthusiastic texts.
  4. Rytr is able to write in up to 15 different languages with total fluency, including Chinese, English, Dutch, French, among others.
  5. Its writing system is fully automated and will give us the possibility of acquiring texts in three different variants, all of them of high quality and free of plagiarism. This will allow us to have more than one option to choose from and will make us forget about the unpleasant task of having to justify that all our texts are authentic and that they have been elaborated in a totally legal way.

Rytr Pricing Plans

Maybe right now you are wondering why there is a section explaining the different price plans of this program if at the beginning we said that it was free, and the truth is that Rytr is a text writing program with a totally free version with which users can make use of its tools.

However, we have to comment that the program also has a premium paid version that offers its users additional features and advantages that its free plan does not have and that will help us achieve our goals much more quickly and accurately.

Below, so that you have a general idea of the program and what it offers, we will briefly explain both plans:

Rytr Free Plan

Rytr’s free plan is the one that any user will be able to access from the first moment he/she registers in their system through the initial form on the website.

Although this plan is really useful for beginners who need time to learn how to use the program, familiarize themselves with all the functions and its terminology, and at the same time start to take advantage of it and get their first quality texts, the reality is that in general terms this initial plan is quite limited.

Users who decide to continue using Rytr without paying anything will only have access to 5,000 credits, which will only allow them to convert 5,000 characters per month.

A rather low figure considering that most of the articles and publications circulating on the Internet contain an average of 1500 characters, so if our aspirations in terms of content creation are high, we should consider the possibility of starting to pay for it and improve our results.

On the other hand, if you only need small texts and drafts occasionally, and everything we want to publish has a purely personal and entertainment purpose, with this free version of Rytr we will have more than enough because it is really good.

Rytr premium plan

Rytr’s paid plan has a monthly cost of $29 and guarantees access to an unlimited number of words to convert. No matter the length, language or type of text you need, with this affordable payment plan you can have everything you want quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, for those users who have already found Rytr to be the ideal AI article generator for them and who have a large investment capital for their online business, the platform also has an annual payment option at a cost of $290 which includes two months free of charge.

Pros of Rytr

  • The program is really easy to use, even if you are a user with little computer knowledge. Its interface is very intuitive and dynamic, making it easy for users to quickly familiarize themselves with the program and guaranteeing them satisfactory results with just a few minutes of use.
  • This is not yet confirmed, but several sources suggest that Rytr will soon have the ability to create texts adapted to the SEO needs of the major search engines.
  • It supports multiple globalized languages and is capable of generating high quality texts in any of them in a matter of minutes.
  • It is very fast and all the texts it provides to its users, whether in the free or paid plan, are of high quality and free of plagiarism.

Cons of Rytr

  • The free plan is very limited, as it only allows its users to convert between 700 and 1600 words. A really insufficient amount of words given the current needs of the SEO market.

3. Writesonic AI Content Generator

If you are a company looking for quality solutions for your next content marketing strategies and you need to attract new customers as soon as possible with attractive ads, Writesonic AI content Generator is the perfect AI content generator for you and your problems.

This highly successful article writing program works from its physical headquarters in London, being a registered company in England and Wales.

In turn, Writesonic was previously better known by the name of MagicFlow, an earlier version of the current copywriting program that gained fame in the industry for being able to create high-quality marketing content for companies and startups that needed to improve their online image through eye-catching ads that appealed to their audience.

Today this also remains its specialty and the reason why most companies with urgent advertising needs choose it. This sophisticated online article generator’s main function is to create content that will promote products and attract as many people as possible to buy and recommend them, with the creation of blog posts being its star function.

The Writesonic content generator is equipped with a GPT-3 language model, which is part of a highly sophisticated type of artificial intelligence. This powerful tool allows you to not only create eye-catching blog articles that will convince the consumer after reading them, but will also provide ideas for the creation of titles, landing pages, social media ads and slogans to captivate the consumer in as few as 6 words.

The way it works is really advanced, being able to analyze and compare different patterns in just seconds to offer us different writing options based on the data we have provided. In this aspect the program works the same as other text generators with AI, the greater the accuracy of the data we provide at the beginning, the higher the quality of the text and the possibility that the program generates meaningless texts or on a topic that does not interest us will be drastically reduced.

What does Writesonic AI Content Generator have to offer?

  1. This advanced text generator can produce all kinds of quality copy according to your needs: copy for work emails, advertisements, digital copy, short and long articles and blog posts. It is precisely because of these features that Writesonic is the favorite AI article generator of large business owners with online commerce, bloggers and high-end media marketers.
  2. In a matter of seconds the program will generate several copies to choose from depending on the template we choose and the previous description we have entered. The more precise we are in the description the better the accuracy of the copy, and the more accurate we are in choosing the template the better result we will get when the program filters everything and offers us different copies to start working with.
  3. Writesonic is equipped with a very advanced language software that allows you to develop copies in multiple relevant languages fluently, including Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, English, Polish and French.
  4. This program has additional tools beyond the basic ones that will allow us to go beyond the creation of article and email copy, but we can also use it to extract keywords, create YouTube video descriptions and titles, get brainstorming ideas to start a project and get titles of products to be offered for sale.

Writesonic AI Content Generator Pricing Plans

As with the other AI article generators that we have been explaining, Writesonic also has several pricing plans to choose from and an initial free trial with which to start taking our first steps on the platform without taking any risks. In any case, it is important to note that both the paid and free trial versions are more than affordable and have a number of very reasonable features and price variations depending on the user profile to which they are addressed.

Free trial plan

Writesonic’s initial trial is completely free and offers users the possibility to use 10 of their credits for the creation of basic content, such as landing pages, product descriptions or simple ad copy.

Basic Plan

For a modest price of just $15 per month, Writesonic’s paid starter plan offers its users 75 credits to invest in basic features such as creating business emails, landing pages, video descriptions, etc. In addition, for the same price this plan also includes an extra 75 credits to use for more advanced features such as creating outlines for creating blog posts or creating drafts for article introductions.

Professional Plan

Priced at $45 per month, the professional plan offers users unlimited access to basic features and unlimited credits for advanced features. This plan is perfect for freelancers who need a larger amount of content meant for generating articles for different or multiple clients.


Startup plan is created for startup companies and small business owners that needs a larger scale of content and has enough financial solvency in their business to be able to invest more in extra expenses for advertising and quality content creation. The plan costs $95 per month that includes unlimited credits, all present features, 25 languages, 2 user seats, browser extensions, Shopify app, and priority support.


Priced at $195 monthly, their agency plan is devised for agencies and businesses who need copywriting at large. It has all features from their Startup plan plus white labeling and custom feature request. It can go up to 200 words per generation.

Pros of Writesonic

  • It is capable of generating all types of content quickly and efficiently, outperforming most of its direct competitors.
  • It supports multiple languages and all the copy it generates in each of them is of high quality, free of plagiarism and with exquisite fluency. As if written by a native speaker in each country, it is incredibly good.
  • It has five variants to choose from for creating written or rewritten content.

Cons of Writesonic

It is quite common for some of its more complex texts to require additional editing by users. However, this is not a great impediment to work normally in the program and many times they are simple adjustments that can be solved in a matter of minutes with a quick reading.

4. Kafkai AI Content Creation Software

Kafkai has been selected several times by critics as one of the top five AI-based content generators, being a text generator that has been previously trained in up to 18 different content creation niches to be able to offer high quality articles for blogs and websites.

Although the quality of the contents that you can generate with Kafkai is very high, its main task will not be to create articles for long-lasting blogs, but for the massive creation of more specific contents that will seek to classify all our contents based on the rules of the main search engines.

Therefore, if you are the owner of an online store or a website with a presence in the main social networks of the moment, we are pleased to inform you that with the help of the Kafkai word processor and its extensive AI database you will be able to achieve the fame you have always wanted, quickly and easily. What more can you ask from a text generator with AI?

What does Kafkai AI Content Creation Software offer?

  1. The main function of Kafkai is to create mass content to rank high in search engines and increase our online visibility at all levels.
  2. Kafkai’s interface is considered to be one of the best on the market, being both beautiful and easy to understand for almost any user.
  3. The program has an exclusive WordPress plugin with which we can generate and publish content directly from our WordPress account after linking it to our Kafkai profile.
  4. This program has been developed in a very precise way by the best engineers to be able to write content in up to 18 different niches.

Kafkai Pricing Plans

Regarding the price and the different plans offered by a content generator with AI to its users, we can safely say that Kafkai has the most complete and fair offer in the market. The program offers up to four different plans to its users depending on their personal needs, always giving them the opportunity in all of them to try them for free during the first three days and with the guarantee of 30 days to return their money in full if they are not convinced.

However, unlike other AI-based content generators, with Kafkai there is no possibility to test the program for a whole month or to settle for a more limited free version, something that is compensated by the variety of payment plans it has and its affordable prices.

Writer Plan

The Writer plan is priced at a modest $29 per month and allows users to have access to the conversion of up to 100 articles. This plan, as its name suggests, is designed to be used exclusively by writers who need inspiration for their blogs, something they will undoubtedly get for a reasonably low price and with a series of really good basic features.

Newsroom Plan

This plan is the most popular among users, since for only $49 per month you will be able to convert up to 250 articles per month. A real barbarity of contents with which we will be able to stand out among the main search engines and increase the popularity of our personal brand with little effort.

Printing Press Plan

Do you need to generate a lot of content en masse and don’t have enough time or the necessary inspiration to do so? Then do not hesitate to use this super plan from Kafkai with which for only $129 per month you can access the conversion of up to 1000 articles. No other AI content generator offers so much for so little!

Industrial Printer Plan

For $199 per month and with access to the conversion of up to 2500 articles in a single month, the industrial printer plan can solve all your online content marketing problems. Whatever creative needs your business project may have, with this complete plan offered by Kafkai you will be able to solve them and for a price that will hardly affect your monthly spending balance.

Pros of Kafkai

  • The main advantage of this AI content generator is its speed. Few online text generators are capable of creating so much in such a short time.
  • It is capable of creating mass content with almost no errors and exceptional quality.
  • It is able to create content in up to 18 different niches, something never seen so far in a content generator of these characteristics.

Cons of Kafkai

  • Sometimes, when too much is demanded of it and it generates a lot of content at once, the quality of the content decreases and needs further editing.

5. Article Forge AI Content Generation Tool

Article Forge ranks fifth in our ranking of the best AI-based content generators, being able to create content with an almost human quality. The way this word processor works is through the fast and accurate analysis of the keywords we introduce, from which it will be able to create articles compatible with SEO performance and with an extremely accurate use of keywords.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Article Forge will also make life easier for all those bloggers who own a WordPress profile, since thanks to its plugin we can edit and publish directly to the platform without having to move the content from one side to another. We can do everything from our profile in Article Forge, creating weekly content for our readers quickly, accurately and professionally.

What does Article Forge offer us?

  1. One of the great strengths of this word processor is that it is able to combine artificial intelligence and natural text processing language to generate content full of realism and free of plagiarism. In this way, the content it offers us will always seem to have been actually written by a human and not by a well-taught machine.
  2. The program is capable of generating texts in 7 different languages, including French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese.
  3. Another of the most innovative features that we will find with the use of Article Forge is that it is able to easily integrate with other third party applications such as WordAI or SEO Pilot.
  4. It generates attractive content for SEO traffic and is able to create very attractive titles for your videos, photos and links.

Article Forge Pricing Plans

As with other AI content generators, Article Forge comes with several pricing plans as well as a free version to get you started with the software for a few days.

Free plan

The free plan offered by Article Forge consists of a 5-day free trial, in which we will have unlimited access to all the features of the program to get to know its tools first hand.

Monthly plan

The monthly plan costs $57 per month, which will be billed on an annual basis in which users will have unlimited access to all the program’s functions, being able to generate plagiarism-free articles in any language supported by the system and with an impeccable human quality.

Annual plan

The annual plan costs $27 per month and will be charged annually. In this plan users will have the same features as with the other pricing plan, the only difference being the price that will be charged monthly per year.

Pros of Article Forge

  • One of the main advantages is that it has a very useful plugin that will allow us to directly publish articles in our WordPress blogs.
  • All the articles it generates include images, links and external videos.
  • The program will allow you to create an unlimited number of articles.
  • It is extremely easy to use and its interface is very intuitive and attractive to users, being able to be handled perfectly even by those less experienced users.

Cons of Article Forge

  • Sometimes the articles it generates are too generalist and a higher specification by the user is needed to achieve better results.
  • The system only allows 750 words per article

To Sum It Up

These are the five best text generators on the market today, which does not imply that there are not other word processors with similar functions just as valid, but we have considered these five to be the most outstanding and with which anyone who is looking for creative solutions will find a quick solution.

In short, as we have explained throughout this article, the most important thing for the exponential growth of an online business is the quality of its content. Therefore, it is crucial that entrepreneurs know in depth the usefulness of text generators with Al for their business, thus breaking the false myths that machines are unable to write like people and create realistic and attractive content.

Currently, he who has the power to control his content and the information his followers need to read is in control and has a greater chance of success. However, although people are very capable of creating very effective marketing strategies and writing really good articles, the reality is that artificial intelligence is capable of doing the same thing 10 times faster and with a much higher success rate.

Therefore, using any of the five-word processors with AI that we have explained in detail in this article will not only save you precious time to spend on other tasks, but will also ensure the success of your future online content strategies.

Artificial intelligence will never replace a human mind, nor our sensitivity, but it will help us to enhance them.