Muhammad Khalid

Muhammad Khalid

Best Blog November 25, 2022

Muhammad Khalid is a Pakistani Journalist. He is a News publisher and Vbloger of current issues in Pakistan and across the world. On social media, he gains lots of subscribers and followers. He gets more popularity very quickly with his hard-working.

M.Khalid studied and completed his secondary education at Govt. High school Qadir Bux, Kamalia. He received his intermediate degree from Government PST College Kamalia and his Bachelor of Arts (BA-Mass Communication) degree from the Government Virtual University of Pakistan. He earned his Master of Arts (MA) in mass communications from the BZU in 2013 and gets her M.Phill degree in Mass Communication from BZU Multan in 2018.

Muhammad Khalid belongs to a landlord agricultural family. His grandfather Laskhar Ali was a Punjabi language peaking from India, District Jalandhar and he with his family migrated to Pakistan in 1947. His father, Bahadar Ali also a hard worker farmer. His father was born in 1947 in India and he was 6 months old at the time of the partition in 1947.

M.Khalid has two brothers, Sajid Mahmood and Basharat Ali. Sajid Mahmood selects as Councilor in the local body election in 2015. They control the agricultural fields. They are more interested in agricultural work. They have faced more challenges from their competitor in buying agricultural land.

Muhammad Khalid is the sole owner and publisher of Bluelane NewsWorld PressHealth BreakingLead Academy, and Urdu Zone.

Khalid is an expert in digital skills, like SEO, Word Press, Content Creator, HTML, web development, and digital marketing.