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How to increase your rent with a Home Stage Service

thebbse@gmail.com March 13, 2023

Most people have heard of staging homes for sale. The goal of home stage is to make a property attractive to the greatest number of potential buyers, selling the property faster and for more money. But what about rental housing?

Staging a rental home is a step that some homeowners don’t contemplate because they consider it expensive or unnecessary, most homeowners think their home will attract enough quality applicants without it.

However, keep in mind that tenants are looking for a home, not just empty space. Therefore, sparking their imagination with some strategic furnishings or decor pieces may be worth the effort as it will increase the rent quite a bit.

A blank slate for renters has its appeal, but prospective tenants also like to see how their new home could look. When you stage a rental property, applicants can see how their furniture may fit within the given space. That said, how you stage a rental property is just as much a science as it is an art form.

Professional home stagers use colors and pieces that provide sweeping appeal to almost anyone. However, the pieces they use are just as important as the pieces they do not use. For example, leaving strategic empty space allows the tenant to envision adding their own personal touches.

Simply put, when you do home stage to a rental property, it triggers an emotional response. These emotions help prospective renters feel connected to the space and may lead to more quality applications.

There are several aspects to consider in Spain, the rent can be long term (1 year – 5 years) or short term (11 months or less). We recommend the Home Staging as an advisable doctrine for short term rentals (less than a year), because the furniture or objects will not have the same deterioration but you will reach a bigger audience.

Is important to highlight the home’s character, keeping it neutral, without over personalize but giving an identity and trying to potentiate the light.

There are many business people, international students or singles who would be willing to pay more for a home and not an empty apartment, not having to invest their time and worry about buying furniture and what to do with it afterwards.

Of course, when renting the apartment, all the furniture or objects and their condition are detailed, so if anything is damaged you will be covered by the rental deposit.