Great Gifts for MP5 Owners

Best Blog December 20, 2022

Know someone that has an H&K MP5, an MP5 clone, or an American-made version like a Zenith Firearms ZF-5?

They are exclusive guns, highly-coveted in the industry, and fetch a price tag that reflects as much. Often they are the pride of their owners – which makes MP5 parts and accessories great gifts.

And these, available online at, are a great place to start.

MP5 2 Point Slings
Zenith Firearm’s MP5 2 point sling is made of heavy-duty ballistic nylon and features a polymer quick-adjust system, elastic retainers, and high-quality snap hooks.

These tactical slings can also be easily converted to a 1-point sling by joining the two snap hooks. It effectively aids in weapon retention, frees the hands, and most importantly, is compatible with the ZF-5, MP5, and other firearms with sling mounts.

MP5 3-Lug Flash Hiders
Zenith Firearm’s MP5 3-lug flash hiders also make excellent gifts for MP5 owners. They’re compatible with the MP5, ZG-5, and other roller-delayed blowback firearms with 3-lug muzzle adapters.

They’re effective at concealing a muzzle flash and feature a high-quality parkerized finish for corrosion resistance and durability.

MP5 Magazines
MP5 magazines make a very practical gift for MP5 owners and Zenith Firearm’s MP5 magazines exhibit uncommonly high quality.

These magazines are marvels of durability and functionality and feature all-steel construction with a durable electro-plated black finish that is easy to clean and exceptionally corrosion-resistant.

They are not only tough but also reliable, with extremely strong steel followers, reinforced feed lips, and high-tensile strength magazine springs.

They also get high marks on usability, too, since they feature round-count indicator holes at the rear of the magazine.

The best part? They’re not just compatible with the ZF-5. They’re also compatible with the ZF-5P, ZF-5K, MP5, SP5, HK94, MP5K, SP5K, SP89, MP5SD, and other 9mm roller-delayed blowback firearms.

Making the deal even sweeter is the fact that they’re available for sale individually and also bundled into packs of 6 so you can save more per unit.

MP5 Stocks
Got a friend with an MP-5 that needs a new (or a more practical) stock? Consider the ZF-5/MP5 A3 stock available at Zenith Firearms.

It meets genuine A3 design specifications and features a 4-position locking system and a heavy-duty steel-reinforced polymer shoulder pad for exceptional strength and durability.

It’s also compatible not only with the ZF-5 and MP5 but with other full-size MP5-style platforms.

MP5 Picatinny Rail Adapters
If there’s one thing the MP5 deserves less than stellar marks for, it’s the lack of any sort of serviceable rail system – but Zenith Firearms’ MP5 Picatinny Rail Adapter solves that problem.

This rail adapter, which is machined from aluminum (making it both strong and light) and comes with necessary hardware, mounts directly to the claw-mount lugs on the H&K stamped receiver, making it an easy, practical upgrade.

It’s compatible with the ZF-5, MP5, and other similar platforms, and makes it easier than ever to mount optics and other attachments to an MP5-style SMG.

Zenith Firearms’ Impact and Weather-Resistant MP5 Case with Wheels also makes a great gift for MP5 owners.

It features a high-impact polymer shell that is shock absorbent and extremely durable, as well as moisture and dust-resistant gaskets and high-density internal “pick-apart” foam that can be customized to the dimensions of your firearm.

It also features two reinforced handles and wheels to make transportation easier, providing both next-level protection to your firearm as well as an element of convenience.

Visit Zenith Firearms for More Information
Whether you go with an MP5 2 point sling or a new pack of MP5 magazines, Zenith Firearms has what you need.

Check out their website via the link at the top of this article or get in touch with them at 434-202-7790 or at for more information.

For more information about Mp5 3 Lug Flash Hider and Mp5 Bolt Carrier Group Please visit: Zenith Firearms.