Five Things You Must Do Before Hiring A Probate Lawyer

Best Blog January 13, 2023

Life after a deceased passing away comes with its own set of challenges including emotional healing, funeral expenses, and sorting out the personal belongings. However, haggling over property is not something that must be part of these challenges. Forbes has estimated that over $30 trillion will be inherited over the next 30 years.

Naturally most children and grandchildren are keenly having their hands out for receiving a piece of the estate they will legally inherit. When it comes to probating a will, hiring a probate attorney will help avoid several possible challenges and issues. Here are five things you must do before you hire a probate attorney.

Consider your typical situation
In the first place, you must have the estate plan in hand. Everyone’s wishes are different. Different people value things differently. Most people leave money, property and valuables to their family and friends, while others have their own specific requests. Depending on your age, you will have to choose the legal guardians in your will for your children. It is necessary to find a probate lawyer who has an exclusive expertise in in the kind of estate planning you confront.

Is the probate lawyer sympathetic?
Similar to any other business, a probate attorney provides the service that you will be paying for. However, to make everything done smoothly and efficiently, it is necessary to find a probate lawyer near me who is sympathetic compassionate and available for your needs. The probate lawyer who does not answer calls, making rushed decisions, not explaining the processes in detail, not available, and insensitive to the situation are not to be trusted. It is also necessary that they have all the necessary information in hand and do not take sides in the given probate process.

Gather all the important paper work
The probate process is not the exclusive responsibility of the probate lawyer alone. It is highly necessary that you bring all the necessary papers and information on the table. If you stay well organized, the process can happen smoothly. This is true both during and after the probate process. Executors of the will must have the copies of death certificate of the deceased, last will, any codicils, financial documents, bank statements, the list of assets, and names and contact details of all the individuals found in the will.

Have realistic expectations about family resistance
It is very common to expect family resistance during the probate process. Due to greed and entitlement, even the most detailed wills are often challenged and questioned. When you stay prepared to meet the family members contesting the will, you and the lawyer will be able to tackle the issues better.

Avoiding probate is possible
Unlike what most people believe, probate is not inevitable after the death of a loved one. Probate refers to the legal steps of distributing the assets after someone’s death. It is very common while handling large estates. If the will of the deceased one is simple, probate may not be needed. If probate is kept private and out of the court system, you can hope to save a lot of money, time and hassles.

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