Crystals and Gems You Can Wear for Peace and Calm

Best Blog December 12, 2022

Around the word, crystals and gems have always held power and influence over people. From beliefs regarding their qualities, to their value as symbols of power and wealth, human beings have always sought and worn them as part of their clothing and accessories.

Some of these gems are very precious and can be very expensive, but some crystals and precious stones that are thought to promote serenity and calm in your environment and mind are affordable and often used in custom jewelry.

Here are the most common crystals and gems often used in jewelry pieces that are thought to bring about peace and calm for the wearer and their surroundings.

Rose Quartz
This is quartz crystal with a pinkish hue, and is often used in jewelry pieces as it is believed to promote compassion and love in the wearer. Many people who feel anxiety and stress could benefit from wearing a rose quartz bracelet as it promotes self-love and forgiveness.

A form of beryl, aquamarine is an abundant precious stone that has a sea blue hue. This stone often loses its color when exposed to sunlight, though they could cost as much as $1000 per carat.

This gem is believed to give the wearer peace and calm, and those who feel stressed or unfocused could simply touch the stone to focus their energies and regain some form of balance in their life.

A form of purple quartz, amethyst in many cultures is believed to bring peace and positive energy. People who believe in the power of gems often use amethyst to give them wisdom and enlightenment.

Some people prefer to use amethyst crystals in their home, placing them in areas where it can create a positive mood and energy in the house. However, you can still wear it in jewelry, especially as a necklace or bracelet.

Is another form of quartz, but it is very rare, and most citrine quartzes are artificially created by exposing smoky quartzes to heat. It can be as valuable as topaz due to its rarity and beauty. Its beautiful color is thought to bring about warmth and joy to the wearer.

It is also thought to bring about prosperity and wealth, which is why it is also called the “merchant’s stone” or money stone.

This is a form of iron oxide pound in crystal form. It reacts slightly to the earth’s magnetic field due to the silver and iron ore present in the crystal. People who wear hematite bracelets, just like those who wear rose quartz bead bracelets, can feel calm and safe.

It is thought to repel negative energy, and help the wearer stay serene and focused in any situation. This is why it is often called the warrior stone, as it brings a sense of calm even in turbulent times.

You can place these crystals and precious stones in their original crystal beds if you want a stronger energy in your environment. But you can also wear them as jewelry to remind you to stay calm and focused in stressful situations.