Building a Glock 19-Style Pistol from a Kit? Upgrade with These Parts

Best Blog December 9, 2022

The Glock 19 is a well-regarded compact pistol that packs a punch. Popular for concealed carry, the G19’s excellent ergonomics and handling, paired with its generous capacity (15+1, standard) make it a top choice for self-defense, concealed carry, competition shooting, and even among some, handgun hunting.

Some intrepid individuals even take their passion for shooting sports up a notch by building their own Glock-style pistols.

You can potentially save money, learn a lot about how the handgun works, and customize it to your specific preferences when you build your own, too.

So, before you spring for a lower parts kit for a Glock 19 or 23, here are some upgrades to consider before you embark on the build.

When you’re building your own Glock-style pistol, you don’t have to stick with anything, and there’s a whole world of possibility outside of genuine Glock parts. The stock Glock comes with the same standard sights. It’s a point of contention among some shooters.

One of the most consistently suggested upgrades to Glock builds has to do with the sights. There are plenty of options, too. Among the more common ones are fiber-optic front and rear sights, which are great in low-light conditions, and tritium night sights, which glow in the dark and are perfect in both pitch-black nighttime and daylight-bright conditions.

You also have the option of fully removing your rear sight and installing a red-dot optic – which some shooters prefer.

The Glock grip is built for function, not for comfort. That’s not to suggest that it is a bad grip because it isn’t it gets the job done. It also provides a sure grip, even in adverse conditions.

But the serrations and texturing of the grip are not for some, and there are better, more comfortable grips out there that preserve the function and handling of the handgun.

Consider a new over-molded grip while you’re making the build. Or build it as is, take it to the range, and then reflect on your range time. You can always make this upgrade later.

Recoil Springs/Guide Rod
Glocks are made with polymer guide rods. Polymer is strong, and it keeps weight down. But that is a double-edged sword – it keeps weight down!

The light nature of Glocks is a selling point to some. Others find them finicky handguns that don’t point so easily and with muzzle jump that is difficult to tame.

Upgrading to a tungsten guide rod will add up to 5 times the weight of the stock polymer rod.

That won’t affect carry, but it can affect handling – in a good way.

That is, it will help stabilize the muzzle while you’re pointing, and can potentially keep muzzle jump under control.

By the way, another meaningful upgrade is a compensator. These can help control muzzle jump, too – but again, that’s another upgrade you can make later.

Controls also feature high on most lists of Glock pistol upgrades.

If you’re building a Glock-19 style pistol from a Glock lower parts kit, a frame, and a jig, consider building it with upgraded controls – specifically extended controls.

Some shooters find that the mag release, slide stop, and slide lock to be less than ideal. Each of these is a little too recessed on factory Glocks and is likely to be on some aftermarket kits, too.

So, adding an extended magazine release, slide stop lever, or slide lock can improve handling and make it more enjoyable to use your new handgun.

Where Can You Get a Quality Lower Parts Kit for a Glock 19 or 23?
Success in a home build starts with two things: knowledge, and quality parts.

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