Best JRPGs to Play at an Internet Cafe

Best Blog December 12, 2022

While some gamers like to hide out in their battlestations and game in the comfort of their own home, it can be nice to switch up the atmosphere once in a while. One of the most fun places to dive into a game is an internet cafe. You can easily bring portable gaming PCs to a nearby internet cafe to feel like you have been transported to an entirely new world.

If the hustle and bustle (and boba) of an internet cafe sounds right for you, you can get even more into the spirit by playing some JRPGs while you’re there. Here are some of the best JRPGs to play while you’re hanging out at a cafe next time you want to leave the house.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact is an anime-style open world JRPG with a massive world to explore and endless quests to complete. The game has continued to grow as more characters and content continue to drop. There is even a whole new region coming out, Inazuma. With an immersive storyline and endless exploring to do, Genshine Impact is the perfect game for an internet cafe outing.

Final Fantasy XV
This is an action-packed game with an addictively exciting battle system. You’ll play as the crown prince of Lucis, Notictis, who has interesting abilities and an intense greatsword. What makes Final Fantasy XV so enthralling is the stunning graphics and breathtaking world. You’ll feel completely transported into the game, able to do everything from battling to making meals to racing chocobos. There are dark quests that will test your courage as well as heartfelt scenes with unforgettable companions.

Final Fantasy XV has stunning graphics but you’ll need a PC with the components to handle it. This is definitely possible, even with a tiny, portable PC. CLX Gaming has portable gaming PCs that are big on performance thanks to its high-end components and powerful parts.

Persona 4
Persona has grown a massive following since it’s a bit darker than other JRPGs. After moving to a small town, you notice an abundance of murders taking place — very mysterious murders. It’s a bit more adult than other JRPGs, including past Persona games. While a bit edgy, Persona 4 has plenty of the content people crave when playing JRPGs, like forming powerful bonds with other characters — which actually grants bonuses in battle.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon
This JRPG has an addictive turn-based battle system that’s reminiscent of classic RPGs but there’s a twist. Instead of the usual encounters in a fantasy RPG, Yakuza: Like a Dragon has you taking on street gangs. And instead of using magic to summon creatures or perform moves, characters whip out a cell phone to call them in. Yakuza has an abundance of enthralling side quests that will keep you gaming for hours as people come and go all around you in the real world. There are mini games like go-karting and even running your own business, giving you plenty to explore and accomplish.

Octopath Traveler
This game has an old-school style that already has people hooked. But the bigger draw of Octopath Traveler is that each of the eight characters has their own storyline, meaning there’s tons of story and action to explore. Every character has their own unique abilities and each story is cut into chapters, allowing you to explore the game at your own pace. It has a pretty old-fashioned playstyle as well, making it a nostalgic JRPG that will bring back your favorite gaming memories.

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