An Argument for Baguette Diamond Earrings

Best Blog December 8, 2022

Baguette-cut diamonds may be experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in popularity right now, but they are nothing new.

In fact, the baguette cut dates back nearly 100 years, to the 1920s and 1930s, and has close ties to the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. It was a time of relatively great wealth and irreverent art and policy, and clashing with traditionally accepted norms was common.

So, the baguette cut, with its extended, slim profile and substantially fewer facets, was born – and became immediately popular for its novel, iconoclastic look.

Unlike a brilliant cut diamond, which has 58 facets, baguette cut diamonds only have 14. Baguette diamonds’ facets are long and linear, like the diamonds themselves – different from many other cuts of precious stones.

This unique attribute, paired with the somewhat non-traditional styling of baguette cut diamonds, offers numerous advantages to those looking for eternity bands, necklaces, and even baguette diamond earrings. These are some of them.

The Draw of Baguette Diamond Earrings
The first thing you’ll notice about baguette diamond earrings is that the cut is very thin and noticeably linear in fashion. This has a very slenderizing effect, which can extend not only to the piece of jewelry itself but also to the wearer and her ensemble.

Baguette-cut diamond earrings, like stripes and other linear elements of fashion, have a slimming effect, one that is almost geometric in nature.

Baguette-cut diamonds also possess something of both vintage and modern air. Vintage in the sense that they are somewhat less common than round and brilliant cut diamonds, and modern in the sense that they were created as a challenge to the jeweled traditions of their day.

Today, baguette diamonds are still appreciated for their modern, even minimalist appearance. They serve as excellent accent stones but are also beautiful on their own when serving as the centerpiece of a ring or a pair of baguette diamond earrings.

The linear aesthetic of baguette cut diamonds also means that a smaller stone has the potential to look larger than it actually is, especially when the diamonds are arranged in a row or series, or when used as an accent, as baguette diamonds often are.

Another advantage of baguette-cut diamonds is the price. Because they have fewer facets and are “easier” to produce, the cost of baguette-cut diamonds is typically much lower than brilliant or round diamonds, which have upwards of 50 facets and are more difficult to produce.

Together, these features make baguette diamonds holistically attractive – not to mention unique.

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