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All New UFACTORY xArm AC Control Box

thebbse@gmail.com October 26, 2022
ufactory cobot
Tony: May-20-2021

We have an exciting announcement for you this week: we just released the all-new UFACTORY xArm Control Box. The new control box is based on the enhanced structure of the original UFACTORY xArm AC Control Box. The picture below shows the detailed upgrade of the latest control box for robotic arm.

The new generation control box provides you 2x more IOs, which means it is easier to integrate the robot with PLC! This all new industrial design also makes the AC Control Box the smallest and fanciest robot control box in the market. What’s more, the new aluminum alloy with unibody design is a delicate balance between structural strength and system weight.

Last but not the least, the new UFACTORY xArm Control Box is perfectly compatible with all UFACTORY xArm robots. And we do believe that all these features will make your integration simple and easy.

Visit https://www.ufactory.cc to learn more.