4 Helpful Tips When Choosing Necklaces for Your Wife

Best Blog December 26, 2022

Buying jewelry for your wife on a special occasion will always be received well. It’s one of the safest bets you can make in terms of gift-giving, and it marks the event with something that is both beautiful and meaningful. Choosing the right piece, though, can be quite the daunting task. It’s not enough to pick out the prettiest bauble you see in a window or online. Read on below for a few pointers on how to choose necklaces for your wife:

Learn about necklace styles
On the surface, necklaces seem like a self-explanatory concept. It’s a piece of jewelry that typically adorns the neck. However, there are many different styles of necklaces that are available out there, and being presented with all of them at once can be overwhelming. Learning about the most common styles will help you narrow down your choices when you start shopping for one in stores or online.

Great gift choices include a simple strand of pearls or a tennis necklace. These feature a continuous strand of pearls or gemstones (usually diamonds, in the case of the tennis necklace) and offer a classic profile. Other great “necklaces for wife” choices include the timeless pendant necklace, where a pendant hangs loosely from a chain, or a statement necklace, which usually features larger stones or beads.

Choose the appropriate length
Length does matter when it comes to necklaces. They are typically offered in even-inch lengths, but because women’s bodies differ, relying on the numbers alone won’t tell you where the necklace will fall.

To that end, instead of picking a length arbitrarily, think of your wife’s proportions and choose a necklace length according to where you’d like the end of it to rest. This can either be around the neck, over the base of it, right on the collarbone, and so on.

Take note of what she already owns
Your wife likely already has a style of necklace that she loves and often wears. One of the easiest ways to get her something that you know she’ll love is to follow her preferences and choose a necklace based on them.

Going through her jewelry box should give you a rough idea of the styles that she enjoys. If you don’t know the name of the particular necklace that you’re after, you can easily look it up online or bring one of her necklaces to your local jewelry store and find someone who can provide you with options.

Her style, with a twist
While it’s safe to stick to the classics, you can certainly make a bigger statement when you wow your wife with a necklace done in a more unique style. By Fabrizio Design specializes in that. Their Gioconda collection, named after Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, features a wide variety of necklaces designed for the chic, sophisticated, and modern woman.

The necklaces in the Gioconda collection often incorporate the Entorchado technique, a centuries-old indigenous technique that involves an intricate process of twisting thin, delicate wires to thread freshwater pearls, crystals, and other materials together. Each piece is exquisitely handcrafted, ensuring that no two necklaces are alike.

Another great “necklaces for wife” option from By Fabrizio Design is the memory necklace. In this choker style, memory necklaces are able to hold their shape indefinitely, creating a fit that is unique to her and her alone. The company’s founder and designer of these necklaces, Fabrizio Sassano, makes use of dainty crystal beads and precious stones in these memory necklaces to add subtle yet whimsical touches of color to each piece.

Mark your next meaningful occasion with a beautiful necklace for your wife from By Fabrizio Design today.

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