3 Klimt Gifts for the Consummate Art Connoisseur in Your Life

Best Blog December 19, 2022

Gustav Klimt, best known for works such as “The Kiss” and “Judith and the Head of Holofernes,” was a pioneering member of the Vienna Secession Movement. He was also closely associated with the Art Nouveau movement and his Symbolist contributions to these schools of art often ruminated on the female form. Faintly suggestive at times and even overtly erotic at others, his works were heavily influenced by elements of symbolism and Japanese art. Many of his best known works are gilded upon the memory – quite literally, as one of the artist’s signature effects was the liberal use of gold leaf, which had an illuminating effect on many of his works, such as “Pallas Athena” and “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.”

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for a Klimt fan? Below are a few Klimt gifts, courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston gift shop’s MFA x Klimt collection.

Klimt, “The Kiss” Paint By Numbers Kit
The Kiss is widely considered to be Klimt’s most popular work. It depicts a pair of lovers locked in an intimate embrace, situated at the edge of a meadow filled with flowers. Set against a vibrant gold background, this oil-on-canvas painting is a veritable head-turner of a piece, with patterns suggesting both an Art Nouveau style and the organicness of the Arts and Crafts movement. Klimt often depicts themes that revolve around the concepts of love, intimacy, and sexuality, all of which come through clearly in this work.

This paint-by-numbers kit from Today is Art Day, offered on the MFA Boston online gift shop, is one of the best Klimt gifts you can give to an aspiring artist this holiday season. It includes a pre-printed canvas artist board, 8 acrylic paint pots, and 2 paint brushes, as well as all the various accessories needed for your recipient to recreate Klimt’s masterpiece on their own. The acrylic paint pots are numbered, making it easy for someone to know which color goes where. After painting, the canvas can be framed for display.

Klimt, “The Kiss” 1000-Piece Puzzle
Another way to bring the beauty of The Kiss into your recipient’s life is through this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. It is 26.77 x 15.75 inches when completed, making it the perfect size for displaying and showing off. This item is available at the MFA Boston online gift shop.

Klimt, “Farm Garden with Sunflowers” 500-Piece Puzzle
Cheerful and whimsical, Farm Garden with Sunflowers demonstrates Klimt’s admiration and deep respect for Vincent Van Gogh, whose works he deeply studied. It makes use of bold and luminous colors to illustrate an overgrown farm garden, with the flowers integrated in a thoughtful yet wild manner to emphasize their organic nature.

A 500-piece puzzle recreation of this work is an ideal holiday present for the nature-loving recipient who loves Klimt’s distinctive style, or truly for anyone who loves art in general. Gazing upon it brings forth calm and soothing feelings, similar to looking out the window and admiring the beauty of nature itself.

For more excellent Klimt gifts and stocking stuffers, visit the MFA Boston online gift shop now.