3 Creative Ways to Display Your Art Magnets

Best Blog December 26, 2022

Do you often collect souvenirs from the places you’ve visited? One of the more common souvenirs that people bring home are refrigerator magnets. In concept, they’re a small yet great trinket to take home with you and help remind you of the memories you’ve gained during your travels. However, displaying these magnets on your refrigerator isn’t always the most appealing way to show off how well-traveled you are.

It’s a similar case with art magnets. A lot of museums and galleries, like the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, often include art magnets as a part of their gift shop offerings. Some of these magnets are replicas or prints of some of the artwork displayed in the museum. Because of this, the idea that you’re simply putting them up on your refrigerator doors doesn’t seem like the most creative thing to do.

That’s why we’re sharing today some ways in which you can better show off those art magnets, as well as the many other travel magnets you might have stuck to your fridge.

1. Magnetic Boards
One great and inexpensive way to showoff and display your collection of magnets is with a magnet board. There are a lot of ready-made magnetic boards that often double as whiteboards available in your local store that you can immediately use to house your magnet collection.

The problem with these magnetic boards, however, is that well, they look like whiteboards. They don’t exactly have the best appeal, particularly if you’re going to be displaying some cool looking magnets.

Thankfully, there are other alternatives to your store-bought magnetic board. Believe it or not, these are pretty easy to DIY.

One way to go about this is to purchase metal sheets from your local hardware store (be careful, as the edges are pretty sharp). Another alternative to metal sheets is unused cookie baking sheets that aren’t made from stainless steel. Don’t worry if you’re not totally digging the metal vibe, as you can easily paint over these materials without affecting their magnetism.

Once you have your metal sheets, simply mount them on the wall with some screws and you have the perfect setting to house all of your awesome magnets.

2. A Picture Perfect Framed Magnet Display
If simple boards aren’t cutting it, you can give that art magnet collection a more artistic feel to it by adding a frame to the picture.

To do this, first go out and find a perfectly-sized frame that’s to your liking, and then find some thin sheet metal that’s about the same size as the frame. Similar to how you designed the magnetic boards above, you can also paint over the thin sheet metal to give it a more defined or textured look.

After you’ve finished customizing your sheet metal, simply insert the sheet metal into the frame like you would a regular photo or image. And viola! You now have a framed art magnet display.

3. A Wall of Magnets
Lastly, if you have an enormous collection of magnets that don’t exactly fit a board or picture frame, the next best thing to do is to create a wall of magnets. There are a couple of ways to go about this. And you can gather a lot of ideas from Pinterest or around the web.

One of the easiest ways to instantly create a magnetic wall is by using magnetic paint or wallpaper. These would be easy to set up in your home and wouldn’t require much effort.

Another way, of course, is to connect multiple thin sheet metal pieces together to form a mosaic. You can also use strap steel that looks like metal bars, and create multiple rows to house your magnets.

Time to Go Magnet Hunting
Once you’ve finished mounting your boards, frames, or walls, it’s time to go magnet hunting. If you’re looking for art magnets that will bring that tasteful spark of color and creativity to your home, check out the art magnet sets from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. With magnets featuring the works of Monet, Hokusai, and others, these are magnets that are sure to bring that sense of art and history into your home.

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